Trumpet Vine
This branch junction has relatively few spores near it.
While white canker spores usually congregate at branch junctions, here the spores are more numerous at this branch's midpoint - several inches higher on the branch. The spores seem to gather on the veins of the branch.
Here is a 400x close-up of some spores on an otherwise featureless stem. The spores have a double lobe appearance to them. (400x)
The spores on this part of the branch appear to be young spores, and seem to be mixed in with dark brown spots of fungus. (400x)
Hyphae, translucent ribbon-like objects, usually appear in association with the spores. Here is an an attempt to capture a picture of a hyphae. These are said to infest the plant tissue in Phytophthora diseases. (400x)
This small branch protrusion hosts a number of spores. (400x)
The spores here present a bit of a puzzle. It almost appears as if these white spores have been newly created and are just emerging from the branch surface. Usually, young spores are yellow in color. (400x)
This vine wasn't in bad shape over the summer, so white canker evidence was sparse. Nevertheless, here you can see it covering up the vessels (red arrows), and a few hypha breaking through the bark (blue arrows). (400x)
It appears as if the entire center of this small branch was consumed by canker, which appears here with a brownish tinge, and is pushing into the sapwood. obliterating the vessels there. (400x)
These light tan blobs (red arrows) within the inner bark are the most difinitive evidence of white canker. Note that the bark also bulges out at this location. (400x)
This leaf cross-section shows diffuse canker in the upper-left, a cut spore (with insides spilling out) (red arrow), and two hypha poking out (blue arrows).  (400x)
In this leaf cross-section, numerous canker spores lie in the center of the leaf on the left side, while a few spores lie on top of the leaf, along with some diffuse canker material.(400x)
 This unusual leaf cross-section shows a thin band of canker buried in the leaf's center. A hypha sprouts from this band, grows out, and gives rise to a blob of white canker material. (400x)
This vine grows on the south side of our house. It has generally done well, but has been affected by white canker last year. Analysis of a dead branch showed virtually no evidence of spores.

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