Here the inner bark is almost completely eaten away by white canker. (400x)
Here the inner bark has lots of light gray white canker in it. It is far from uniform in consistency. (400x)
Part of the inner bark has been destroyed, leaving an air gap. Canker is also growing on the surface of the outer bark. And hyphae are snaking around the surface. Note the characteristic dark brown "eye" of the lower one. (400x)
The blobs of white canker have a higher density where the bark is pushed out. At that point there are also some yellow blobs on the bark's surface. (400x)
The higher density of the white canker blobs at the base of the inner bark is reflected in the white canker above it on the surface of the outer bark, which is pushed out. (400x)
There weren't that many areas with many spores on the outside bark, but this one was one of them. But these spores looked fairly old, and some appeared broken. (400x)
Two spores in the lower-left are associated with hyphae. The hypha on the right is long, with a characteristic brown "eye" (red arrow). (400x)
The razor cut of the leaf began here. Note the two long hypha - one is emerging from the black area. The one above it emerges from the leaf edge. Both are long and go far to the right under the leaf surface. They are hard to see because they are semi-transparent. (400x)
The young yellow spore on top (red arrow) is probably related to the canker on the other side of the leaf. The vertical hypha is almost certainly canker related. The two horizontal semi-buried tubes may or may not be canker related (they could be leaf veins). (400x)
The gray-white blobs within this leaf are almost certainly white canker. But the white diffuse blob may be a leaf vein. The canker blobs seem to like being near a vein - a source of nutrients. (400x)
This shrub, growing in our front yard, almost died from White Canker a few years ago. Fungal sprays saved it. It had also been sprayed about a month before these pictures were taken. Therefore, I didn't expect to see too much evidence of white canker.

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